Hello, welcome! I am Hyeong Hun Park , a lifestyle photographer living in Korea. The summary of what I do in one sentence is as follows.It inspires people through beauty and true story.
What does that have to do with you as a business owner? To translate my "mission" into a more businesslike language, I can also say this. I create a brand and marketing image that attracts and emphasizes your ideal customers. And this has to do with beauty, inspiration and everything that tells your true story. There are many ways to dream, but I think I dream through entrepreneurship that makes companies based on my unique talent and passion. There is something that changes the world by making you shine, standing, and adding to your unique talent. And good branding plays a big role in your success.
With all this in mind, I've tailored my business to my most important work. I want to change the world by working with people who value their unique talents and self-expression. You can say you want to start an old revolution. I like the phrase "inspire and enlighten others by doing what you love." That's what I want to help entrepreneurs and small business owners share messages about goods and services with their minds and souls. I believe that you can achieve your dream through a beautiful business and I want to do what you can do. Because honestly, my life is short and valuable, so I can't help but pursue my dream.
If you want to see more of my work, you can see my portfolio on my Instagram that I update often.
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